About the organizers

Artkor Association

Artkor association is an organization that brings together professionals from the fields of culture and cultural management, ecology and environmental protection experienced in organizing major events and projects.

In accordance with the interests of the team gathered in the organization, activities are based on popularization of culture on all levels, as well as popularization of awareness of importance of preserving the environment, the search for forms of cultural and artistic expressions, affirmation and development of free artistic expression and freedom of the media, improving environmental protection and citizen education, especially children and young people about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

In short, Artkor association is dedicated to exploring new cultural relations, contemporary artistic practice and current social subjects such as ecology.

The culture of Brazil, rich and diverse has intensively begun to spread across Europe through various artistic expressions – samba batteries, electronic music, samba dance and capoeira. Artkor team has recognized this trend and decided to bring it closer to Serbia and Novi Sad. Accordingly, for several years in a row, Artkor has organized a series of summer events called ‘’Bossanoga’’, with the goal to promote Brazilian music, from traditional pagode to modern samba funk and electronic music. For the past two years, this association was the organizer of the festival called ‘’Days of Brazil’’, first festival in Novi Sad that celebrates Brazilian culture.

Capoeira Senzala Novi Sad

Club Capoeira Senzala Novi Sad was founded by Sinisa Cvetkovic – Vento and Bojan Jung – Montanha in March 2009, after eight years of experience in the world of Capoeira. The club operates under the supervision of Mestre Steen (Copenhagen, Denmark) within a group Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira (Mestre Peixinho).

The aim and purpose of this club is to spread and popularize Brazilian martial art and culture, promote sport and educate children, young and elderly about the importance of physical exercise and healthy lifestyle. As part of its activities, club organizes seminars and events with eminent experts from the world of Capoeira.

More about Capoeira Senzala

Samba school (Escola de samba) "Sambansa"

Samba school Sambansa was founded in 2007 and today it brings together 40 members. The founder is Sasa Ignjatovic, percussionist and the leader of the group ‘’Sambansa’’. The school has a branch in Subotica led by Ervin Molnar. The goal of this school, first of its kind in Balkans, is to enable other people to learn how to play Brazilian percussions, spend they free time creatively and enjoy the richness of Brazilian rhythms. Students of this school can learn different techniques of playing Brazilian percussions and rhythms which are played on these distinctive instruments.

Sambansa currently has two squads: Bloco do Sambansa composed of the best samba school students, who perform on the stage with a guitar, bass guitar and three vocals and Escola de samba ‘’Sambansa’’ in which all the students of the school play samba.

More info on: Sambansa facebook I Sambansa myspace I Sambansa soundcloud

For media

Here you can download information needed to present the Festival Dani Brazila – Novi Sad Samba Carnival.

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