Workshops 2019


If you love a good rhythm, and all the vibe that comes with playing in a group, samba is the right thing for you!

We have this pleasure to inform you that, as in the previous Dani Brazila festival editions, workshops for samba percussions will definitely happen and will do so in the good old way. That means three days (from 23th to 25th of August) of classes guided by two respected and brilliant mestres – Mestre Chuvisco from Rio (who won the right to perform with his group Estacio de Sá in the next year's Special Group parade in Rio Carnival) and Mestra Clarissa from Vienna.

On Sunday, there is a carnival parade throughout the city of Novi Sad's streets that will involve all the percussion workshop participants who will be accompanied by participants of capoeira workshop as well as the samba dancers.

Workshops will take place at the beautiful open air venue on the Petrovaradin fortress and will focus on preparing participants for the carnival performance teaching them various rhythms and techniques of playing.

Online application for the Advanced Samba Percussion workshop is closed, if you wish to participate you can still apply at the venue.

More about Mestre Chuvisco here »

More about Mestra Clarissa here »

Workshop for Advanced Samba Percussionists TIMETABLE:

12,00-18,00 - advanced (lunch break 15,30 - 16,00)

12,00-18,00 - advanced (lunch break 15,30 - 16,00)

12,00-16,00 (lunch break 14,30 - 15,00)


Mestre Chuvisco

I started in Estácio de Sá (Samba school - RJ) with 9 years of age in the children's block, around 15 years of age I was trying a vacancy in the Estácio de Sa Battery until I got it in 1993, when I had my first parade as Ritmista. The following year I was already travelling, recordings everything that had reference to Bateria, was already in the first team of the battery commanded by MASTER CIÇA, where I started to parade in other schools like São Clemente, Salgueiro, Beija flor, Unidos Da Tijuca, Rio Grande, Viradouro, etc ...

After 15 years as a rhythmic I was called to be assistant drum director, a function that I stayed for 4 years, after I received the invitation to be MASTER OF BATTERY OF ESTACIO DE SA after the carnival of 2008. In 2009 I started as a drum master and received several awards. I stayed for 9 years and I was hired to Vila Isabel in 2018. I stayed 1 year and I went back to the Samba Cradle in 2019, where I got all the highest notes was declared champion (2019) and won several prizes again ...

I have performed in Argentina, Paraguay, Panama, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Norway, Portugal and Holland.


Clarissa Altmann was born in 1975 and got in contact with Samba in 2001.

Her first “real” Samba-Experience was 2006 a Batucada Masterclass in Germany with Ivo Meirelles from the famous samba school Mangueira. She fell in love with Rio Samba- Batucada & Funk and ended up by founding her Samba Group BATURIM in Summer 2007 which she is still directing. (

In Rio she joined rehearsals with almost all schools from Grupo Especial in Rio like: Tijuca, Vila Isabel, Mangueira, Salgueiro, Grande Rio, Imperatriz Leopoldinense & Estácio de Sá

She is parading with the Tamborim through the Sambodromo since 2013 – almost every year with Alegria da Zona Sul ,since 2015 also with Portela ( Ensaio Tecnico: plus 2016 with Tradição.

2017 she stayed 3 months in Rio to rehears as much as possible, playing shows with Portela for the TV, New Years Eve ,... and parading with Portela with whom she won the Carnaval. Also her first parade with Estácio de Sá/ Opening ceremony with Tijuca.

In 2018 she returned to parade with Portela and Estácio and startet to direct the tamborins from Mulheres da Vila.

2019 parading with Estácio to win and go back to Grupo Especial in 2020!

She is also a Member and one of the Tamborim directors of Bloco X where she plays since 2007 ( Samba Batucada players from all over Europe) and one of the Mestres from Bloco Coração founded 2011 (Samba Groups from Austria,Hungary,Serbia, Slovakia, Poland and guest players/dancers to play shows all over Europe).

Her instrument of the heart is the Tamborim with whom she is teaching different tecniques in different countries even in Rio de Janeiro.

She also held a Batucada Workshop with more than 70 participants at the Drum-Festival Drumpoint in Nitra - Slovakia 2015and is assisting in Berlin at the Samba Syndrom Festival.

Travelling through Europe to play at festivals and carnavals is her favourite Hobby.